Student Ministry | 6th-12th Grade

The Student Ministry at IDC seeks to encourage and equip our students to be the church in their youth; leading them to bring God glory by making disciples of Christ. Here’s how we are currently seeking to meet that vision:

Wednesday Gatherings.

We meet weekly on Wednesdays from 6-8pm for worship, prayer, and teaching. Everything we do in student ministry is crafted around biblical community and the fuller ministry of the church. This means that our gatherings are not replacements for Sunday Worship; rather, they are meant to harmonize with the God-given rhythm of the regular fellowship of the saints. This fall we are studying the book of Joshua.

SATE: Theology Training.

Sate is an english noun that means to “satisfy to the fullest measure”. We believe that God’s Word is intended to satisfy believers to the fullest measure with a feast of God’s glory. Sate is a monthly theology training intended to give our older students a greater capacity and hunger for God’s Word. This event is fine tuned for grades 8th-12th. Contact Jacob Robbins for details.

Upcoming Events.

In 2017, we will have focused events for building relationships and strengthening our gospel witness. These include our Spring retreat weekender (Feb/March) and a week-long Summer Missions Camp (June/July).


If you or your students are new to our church, we’d love to meet you! To get plugged in or to simply ask a few questions, contact our director of student ministries; Jacob Robbins.